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WebTV update: May 2005 - September 2006

eBay keeps promising to fix WebTV access problems. In the meantime, WebTV/MSNTV users can try these simple workarounds to restore access to eBay and PayPal:

1) Logoff (this deletes or flushes the web cache).
2) Type the eBay page's URL into the Goto fields at either of these sites:
Do not visit any other websites first, and note these are only temporary fixes. You might wish to bookmark them as insurance against future PayPal and eBay access problems.

If you still cannot access eBay or PayPal, then try the next section.

Advanced Solutions to WebTV and eBay Problems

A more permanent solution is to downgrade or retrograde to an earlier version of WebTV software known to still work with eBay and PayPal.
1) Check that the WebTV 2.8.2 downgrade software is still available from these websites:
Vortex Retrograde by JD Hardball,
Retrograde Ty_Tutes by Tyhart
Both websites also offer useful WebTV info,
2) Phone WebTV/MSNTV on 1-800-GO-WEBTV, or 1-800-469-3288 and ask them to downgrade your account to the 2.8.2 server,
3) Downgrade and install WebTV 2.8.2 and confirm you can now access eBay and/or PayPal.

If not, you can always upgrade your WebTV software to the current release in a few easy steps: Logoff, tap the Options key three times, then immediately type 8675309 on the keyboard. Logon and you will be automatically prompted to install the latest WebTV upgrade (2.9.1 - Summer 2005).

We also recommend you check the and related newsgroups for any other WebTV users with similar eBay and PayPal access problems - you may find a better solution, workaround, or (at the least) confirmation that other users share your problem. Lastly the newsgroup offers expert help with your WebTV eBay problems, but can be difficult to reach as it is behind a firewall.

Free WebTV-compatible Image Hosts for eBay

PhotoPoint was the premier web host for WebTV based eBay sellers, but alas is no more. Here’s a list of free image hosting services that support WebTV:
Picturetrail: offers e-mail uploads with large gallery space and easy-to-navigate site.
Hyperphoto: offers e-mail uploads with 50mb storage for galleries and personal photos.
Boomspeed: 1mb free storage but frequently offline.
Auction-Images: 1mb/month free storage.
Many sites offer a limited range of editing tools.

Current and Ongoing eBay Problems

Check back for details of onging eBay technical problems and their solutions ...