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Wanted: a free eBay fee calculator

Like numerous other eBay auction sellers, we looked for a free eBay fee calculator, but found few that worked or were truly “free”. So, with some friends, we developed our own free eBay fee calculators - that operate with all flavours* of Windows, Mac OS, WebTV, Linux, and Unix computers.

International auction fee calculators

Requests started flooding in from international eBay sellers asking us to create free eBay fee calculators for their domestic eBay sites. So we built free eBay fee calculators for the various international English-speaking markets including: Overstock USA, Canadian eBay, British eBay, Irish eBay, Australian eBay, and Trademe New Zealand. We quickly followed up with localized versions for major European markets including: German eBay, Austrian eBay, French eBay, Belgium eBay, Dutch eBay, Spanish eBay, Swiss eBay, and Italian eBay. Additional free auction calculators for popular auctions sites Aucland, Ricardo, QXL, and more eBay sites including Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, and Philippines are now available. Check back again for even more auction fee calculators and online auction tools.

International eBay fee tables

We’ve included eBay fees charts comparing auction fees between the different international eBay sites in euros and dollars so eBay sellers can find the cheapest site to list their items as seller’s fees vary quite markedly between the different international auction websites.

eBay Breakeven Calculator

All our free eBay fee calculators can also determine any applicable PayPal fees, and each interactive eBay fee calculator features a useful eBay Breakeven Calculator that calculates how much you’ll net (or profit) after eBay sales commissions are deducted.

* web browser should be Javascript enabled and standard’s compliant.