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Are you spending your hard-earned money and valuable time to sell things on eBay? Did you know that you are probably losing a large chunk of your profits, and you may not even realise it? Fortunately, we have the solution for you - a free eBay tool that will slices through all eBay’s fat fees and flabby commissions to deliver more profits to you - the eBay seller.

Like so many eBay sellers before, I searched for a tool that would unlock the secrets of eBay's complex fee structure and help to maximize my eBay profits. After several fruitless online searches and conversations with experienced eBay sellers, I discovered that I would need to create my own eBay FVF calculator or eBay profit calculator. From past experience I knew to made sure that it would operate with the widest variety of platforms and computers including: Windows 98 NT 2000 XP Vista, Mac OS, WebTV, Linux, PSP, Handspring, Palm, Xbox and Unix, etc.

For ease of use I made sure that all our eBay FVF calculators are fully interactive* so you can type or paste in any amount and get immediate results. All these free eBay FVF calculators are regularly updated to reflect the constant changes and latest eBay fee increases and PayPal fees changes - so you’ll get no nasty surprises when you go to list (unlike users of competing products).

Increased your eBay Profits over 666% in 28 days

After you factor in all the eBay & PayPal fees, that nobody likes to thinks about, it’s no secret that many eBay sellers actually lose more money than they make. But the cruel irony is that many eBay sellers didn't even know it - until now! Our range of free eBay FVF calculators help you analyze the eBay fees you are being charged and show you how to maximize your eBay profits. Remember - the devil is in the details! (Hence our 666% increase in eBay profits.)

Each free eBay FVF calculator is fully interactive so you can change prices, quantities and options to instantly see the results while trying out different what if scenarios. For example: What if I lowered my starting price to 99 cents, but increased my handling fee to two dollars 50 cents. Will this make a difference?... How much do I need to increase my handling fees to cover the PayPal fees?... What’s my profit if I sold one of these... or how about 10... or 100?. Our free eBay FVF calculators will instantly give you these answers (and more) so you can devise your own winning eBay strategy.

International eBay final value fee calculators

After the initial success of our free eBay FVF calculators I released a new eBay FVF calculators for the international English-speaking auction sites including: eBay Canada, eBay United Kingdom, eBay Ireland, eBay Australia, Overstock USA, eBay India, eBay Philippines, eBay New Zealand, and Trademe New Zealand. Most can also calculate optional PayPal fees.

These were later followed up with localized versions for major European auction sites including: eBay Deutschland, eBay Austria, eBay France, eBay Belgium, eBay Nederland, eBay Espaņa, eBay Schweiz, eBay Italia, eBay Sweden, and eBay Poland. Additional free auction fee calculators for popular European auctions sites: Aucland France, Ricardo Suisse, and QXL UK are also available.

Compare eBay fee worldwide - discover huge savings

You can easily compare eBay auction fees between the different eBays by checking our eBay Euro fees compared and eBay Dollar fees compared sections. Savvy international eBay sellers can quickly find the best and cheapest eBay for their global listing. These eBay fee comparison charts make it easy to compare eBay listing fees, eBay reserve fees, eBay final value fees, eBay store fees and eBay monthly store fees around the globe.

Handy Reverse eBay Fee Calculator

Every eBay FVF calculator can also calculate optional PayPal fees, and each interactive eBay FVF calculator features a useful Reverse eBay Fee Calculator that calculates how much you will receive after eBay final value fees are deducted; this is also known as an eBay net calculator. This invaluable tool makes it easy to determine your breakeven price and minimum sales price to achieve a profit.

April 2006 update

March 25: Updated our comprehensive list of eBay Phone Numbers to include Skype-based eBay Customer Service phone numbers in various countries. March 16: Expanded parts on SWIFT transfers and IBAN transfers to include all countries currently offering free cross border transfers in Euros via BIC + IBAN under EU/EEA directive 2560/2001. Useful tools including a BIC/SWIFT bank code lookup tool and IBAN validator & decoder have been added to verify International Bank Account Numbers. Trade Me New Zealand calculator was updated for decreased option fees, category changes and increased Vehicle listing fees (from Feb 15, 2006). March 9: Advanced eBay fee calculator for India was released; it handles all regular, Dutch, Fixed Price, Stores and Vehicles auction listings on eBay India.

* web browser should be Javascript enabled and HTML standard’s compliant.